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I am a sucker for love. I get tears in my eyes every time a groom receives his wife at the altar, vows are exchanged and first-dances are danced. I am a true believer. I believe in God. I believe in ever lasting love. I believe in people. I believe in hard work and in treating people the way you would want to be treated yourself. I believe in the sparkle in the eyes between two people who are meant to be. I believe in a world where we can all live together and compliment each other. I believe in having your photos printed so you can have them in your hands and relive moments that otherwise had been gone forever. I believe that happiness comes from within and that smiling is the cure to many of our problems.  I believe in letting people know you appreciate them, life can be short sometimes. I believe in collecting memories, not things. I believe that dreams become reality as long as you keep working on them, one step at a time.  I believe in faith and I truly believe it has taken me to where I am today. I'd love to learn more about you and your dream day! 


Welcome to my little place on the web, I am so glad you found me! Let me introduce myself first, my name is Iris and I am a hybrid - shooting film and digital - wedding and portrait photographer from Holland, but I've been calling the Dominican Republic home for over seven years. Besides the beautiful beaches and sunshine all year round, what I truly love most about living in the caribbean is connecting with the people. I consider myself to be very open and I love to meet new friends and listen to their stories. I am so thankful I get to do what I do and meet so many amazing people from all around the world. Capturing people's love and telling their story with images for generations to come has been the biggest blessing in my life. 

These are some of my favorites

  • My cocker spaniels, Benji and Mía

  • Visiting my family in Holland

  • Shoes, a girl cant live without 'em

  • Pastel colors

  • Handwritten messages

  • Manicures and make up

  • Sweets, for breakfast lunch and dinner

  • Anything Kate Spade

  • Going out for dinner, with people dear to my heart

  • Cinema and pizza for ever

  • Traveling new places

  • Learning languages, I speak 4!

  • And the obvious, capturing love through my lens

"She believed she could, so she did"

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