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The experience

Your wedding day is one of the most important events you will probably organize in your life. No matter the amount of guests your will invite, no matter the venue you choose. For me every bride is special and deserves all my attention and the best of me. Therefor, it is very important for me to "click" with my clients. My compromise with you starts the moment you contact me for inquiry. I will invite you over for some coffee and sweets - because something sweet can't miss - so we can get to know each other and I get to hear about your dreams and believes for your wedding day. I love to talk about how your best friend proposed to you and some background about your relationship, just because I love to talk about love. My favorite part about connecting with my clients is the friendships that grow out of it. 

I will show your more of my work and albums, and I will tell you all about the way I work and my personal vision on photographing your most wonderful day. My wedding plan includes a complementary engagement shoot, and I deliver all images edited, in high resolution, digitally. I will be ready to deliver your photos within 30 days after your wedding. If you choose to purchase a wedding album, your album will be delivered within 4 weeks after you send me your selection of photos. Designing wedding albums is one of the things I love to do most, and in my eyes it should be a piece of art, telling your story with images from your big day. To have your wedding date saved in my agenda, a deposit of 30% of the price is required, a simple inquiry is no guarantee for your wedding date to be saved. It would be an honor for me having you over and see if we are a good fit for your wedding.

 You are the heart of my business,

so you deserve all of my heart

My mission

I truly believe your wedding experience should be "top-of-the-notch" and my mission is to serve you from the beginning to the end and beyond with all my heart. My business is not just about taking photos on your wedding day, it's about building a connection and serving my clients in a way that help them enjoy and remember the entire journey with love and emotions. I strive to deliver gorgeous images that help you remember the things you felt walking down the aisle, having your first dance as husband and wife and celebrating with your family and friends. Your photos should tell the story of that big day you planned with so much care and love, and take you back to these moments in an instant. I want your story to be told through the images for generations to come, and I truly hope all my clients feel like I was a part of their day, not just their photographer. 

My ideal bride and groom don't go by size or color, they are a bride and groom crazy in love. Two individuals that feel they can't function without the other any longer. They love making compliments to one another and can be very romantic at times. They are proud to be walking besides the other half and can't wait to proudly announce the other to be his or her spouse. They love romantic, joyful, genuine and timeless photographs and take the time to pick their perfect outfits so they feel confident and beautiful for their pre-wedding photos. My ideal bride and groom believe in endless love and are committed to the most powerful words spoken; - I DO

My ideal




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