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Jennifer & Rafael's Colonial Zone engagement session

Jennifer contacted me in August last year for her March wedding this year.

As I sent her all the information and possibilities of my services, I instantly felt this girl was super sweet by the way she answered me back.

I invited her and her boyfriend Rafael to meet me so we could talk about their wedding.

As I asked where they had met and if they could tell me something about their relationship their eyes started to sparkle. The way they talked about their love story gave me all the feels.

They have been together for about 7 years of their young lives and I could just tell the stars lined up for them to be forever together. When they told me they would get married and have their reception held in the amazing colonial zone from Santo Domingo it just got better and better.

I am a true lover of our colonial zone which has so many possibilities and culture. 

They decided the same environment would be their dream background for their engagement session and I couldn't agree more. 

Thank you Jennifer and Rafael for choosing me, I can't wait for March 11th.

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