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Odette & Harash' Sanctuary Cap Cana engagement session

This engagement session was planned several months ahead and I was really looking forward to their shoot since I had already shot their "Save-the-Date" photos and I had learned both Odette and Harash were very easy to direct and shoot with.

Two days before the scheduled engagement shoot I sent Odette a message to see how everything was going and she expressed her concerns since her clothing hadn't arrived yet and most likely wouldn't arrive on time for the shoot.

Also she had doubts about the first location selected and asked me if we could go a little further to this hotel they both loved. Two weeks before I had shot a wedding at this resort and completely fell in love with the venue so I was all excited to learn they wanted to relocate for the shoot.

Finally the day arrived and on our way to Cap Cana dark clouds surrounded us, but, as I know in the Punta Cama area weather can be very changing and I was optimistic on good weather for the shoot.

I had calmed down Odette and told her that the only thing I needed was her amazing smile and that she looked great in really any kind of clothing she would pick.

As we arrived she came down in this beautiful hand tailored dress and looked absolutely stunning.

We could finally begin shooting and the dark clouds did not ruin our perfect afternoon for the perfect engagement photos. I loved shooting every second with them since these two are SO in love, it is contagious.

I hope you enjoy these photos as much as I did taking them. In two weeks they will be Mr. and Mrs. and how happy I am for them the day finally arrived after lots of planning!

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